Better Experiences Begin with MediaTek at CES 2016

2016 年 1 月 5 日 - 午前 9:00

TAIWAN, Hsinchu – January 4, 2016 – It all starts with screens. How that information we view daily – on our TVs, mobile handsets, tablets or variety of other devices – is displayed.

To deliver on its promise of making displays the best they can be, MediaTek is introducing three new SoCs at CES 2016. This trio of SoC’s create better experiences for consumers across all platforms and deliver better connectivity to the world around them.

  1. Home Entertainment – MT8581 is the world’s first Ultra-HD 4K Blu-ray player SoC with High Dynamic Range; a revolutionary viewing experience similar to the leap from VHS to DVD
  2. Wearables – MT2523 is the world’s first SoC that combines a high-resolution mobile screen, dual-mode Bluetooth and GPS, with industry-leading power efficiency.
  3. IoT / Connected Home – MT7697 is an IoT bridge that will connect smart gadgets and appliances to tablets, smartphones and the cloud

Demos of the new SoC’s will be available at The Venetian, level three, Toscana 3610.“Our intention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is to showcase a group of SoC’s that will truly impact the way consumers use their devices", said MediaTek Chief Marketing Officer, Johan Lodenius. “The MT8581, MT2523 and MT7697 will each bring new features to home entertainment, wearables and IoT/connected home that were not possible before.”

MediaTek’s past, present, and future is in designing leading display technologies, regardless of consumer device. With a deep heritage in multimedia technology – and reputation as an industry leader in DVD, TV, audio, and phones -- the brand is taking that expertise and applying it to forward-looking formats like IoT, wearables and more.

MediaTek is also in the midst of immense growth and innovation as we head into 2016:

  • MediaTek continues to lead the industry in home entertainment as the top global chip provider in digital TV and third in the world for in Wi-Fi. The company is leading in market share for Blu-ray players.
  • MediaTek currently ships 1.5bn units per year for mobile, tablets, and TVs. We project the global market for SoCs to reach tens of billions of units by 2020 with the addition of IoT significantly amplifying shipments
  • Substantial customer wins in 2015:
    • Amazon recently announced the 4K Fire TV box and Fire HD tablets, which contain MediaTek SoCs
    • SONY launched the first Android TV at CES 2015, using MediaTek’s Smart TV SoC
    • Google selected MediaTek’s MT8507 audio SoC to connect its Google Cast to smart devices

With support for industry standards, such as Apple Home Kit, MediaTek is expanding opportunities for developers to build connected home software. MediaTek MiraVision™ is behind leading display technology in everything from TVs to smartphones and powers the upscaling to 4K and the HDR display. “2015 was a banner year for the MediaTek brand that saw further expansion of our global footprint and we plan to build on that momentum in 2016,” said Lodenius.

In 2015 company accomplishments:

  • Thomson Reuters named MediaTek among 2015’s Top 100 Global Innovators, marking the company’s second consecutive year on the list. MediaTek is list’s only Taiwanese company.
  • Interbrand ranked MediaTek among its Top 10 Taiwanese Global Brands 2015.
  • MediaTek’s Founding Chairman and CEO, Ming-Kai (MK) Tsai, was bestowed the Global Semiconductor Alliance’s highest honor.
  • MediaTek will present six papers at the upcoming 2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, marking MediaTek’s achievements in technology leadership.


About MediaTek

Since 1997, MediaTek has been a pioneering fabless semiconductor company and a market leader in cutting-edge systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, wireless networking, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray. Our tightly-integrated, innovative chip designs help manufacturers optimize supply chains, reduce the development time of new products, and extend a competitive edge in crowded markets. Through MediaTek Labs, the company is also building a developer hub that will support device creation, application development, and services for the Internet of Things era. By building technologies that help connect individuals to the world around them, MediaTek is enabling people to expand their horizons and more easily achieve their goals. We believe anyone can achieve something amazing. And we believe they can do it every single day. We call this idea Everyday Genius and it drives everything we do. Visit for more information.