MediaTek MT6236 EDGE Solution Makes A Splash in Latin America Markets

2011 年 6 月 20 日 - 午後 3:39

June 20, 2011 - MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced that its EDGE mobile phone MT6236 IC chip solution which released early of the year, has earned huge recognitions among industry. The MediaTek MT6236 integrates a high-powered CPU to support the sleek and smooth operation of 3D wallpaper, Internet widgets, and other Fancy UI. The MT6236 also supports big HVGA capacitive full touch screen, high camera and video specification and various multimedia formats. Its high-spec CPU performance and ability to support large screen resolution has been recognized by Latin American operators and brand name mobile phone providers alike. Many of “Powered by MediaTek” touch screen mobile phones with internet enabled were rolled out and have all been hot selling items in these markets, which include several EDGE phones launched by Latin Americas’ largest operators, América Móvil and Telefonica, as well as the large screen mobile phone with dual-mode TV support produced by the Brazilian brand NavCity.

Accompanying the emergence of the smart phone has triggered a huge demand for touch screen phones in end consumers. At the same time, these features are facing rigorous tests by consumers with regard to the smoothness and precision of their operation. With the consumer in mind, MediaTek MT6236 IC solution features integrated and highly optimized CPU functions, as well as powerful support for the experience of a smooth and precise touch-screen performance. In addition, with easy to set up internet and Wi-Fi access for EDGE mobile phones, as well as Human Machine Interface, mobile phone manufactures—thanks to the software design offered by the MT6236 platform solution—now have the power to offer more customization in products, thus better fulfilling operators’ needs.

Along with operators in Latin America, Brazil’s local mobile phone brands and channels, in response to the government’s promotion of the digital TV standard ISDB-T, have launched mobile phones now offering support for dual-mode television (ATV and ISDBT). MediaTek’s MT6236 IC solution is perfectly poised to meet this trend. ISDB-T digital TV standards use H.264 decoding technology and since the MT6236 IC solution supports H.264 decoding, the use of an additional H.264 decoder chip is not necessary. This high level of integration allows mobile phone manufacturers to design thinner and lighter mobile phone and, more importantly, power consumption issues—the spec mobile TV consumers are most concerned with—can be significantly improved.

"MediaTek’s MT6236 is designed by the feedback from users and years of marketing experience in emerging markets. The MT6236’s powerful CPU and multimedia capabilities can support Fancy UI effects, a variety of wireless connectivity, the Opera Mobile browser, as well as advanced vivid video playback capability and superior performance of digital cameras. The launch of MediaTek’s MT6236 IC solution meets the market’s desire for more differentiated and personalized mobile phones. With the MT6236, mobile phone manufacturers and operators can, according to their market position and product line characteristics, develop a differentiated series of unique mobile phones products with which they can showcase their innovation and stand out in a fiercely competitive market."


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