MediaTek Unveils World's First ULC Single Chip Solution for Multimedia-Rich Mobile Phones

2011 年 3 月 8 日 - 午後 4:12

March 8th 2011 - MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions today announced today the debut of its MT6252—an ultra low cost single chip solution for multimedia-rich mobile phones, to meet the huge demand for high quality, superior performance, and rigorous cost control of cell phone manufacturers and operators both in China and abroad engaged in a market characterized by white hot competition.

The first ultra low cost single chip solution for multimedia mobile phones that doesn’t require additional static random access memory (SRAM), the MediaTek MT6252, embedded with 32Mb PSRAM, boasts such superior features as support for serial flash and rich multimedia applications, ultra low power consumption, and high integration. It also supports up to 4 SIM standby. MT6252 also integrates RF transceiver as well as power management unit (PMU), touch screen controller IC, audio amplifier, and multi-card standby interface into a true compact shingle chip. Keeping with its tradition of high integrated and innovative hardware, the MediaTek MT6252 supports serial flash which is highly competitive in terms of cost and which supports a variety of high end multimedia specs. When compared to traditional ULC solutions, it not only significantly reduces the number of components required by PCBs, it also reduces the size of PCB layout by 20%. Its ultra high price-to-performance ratio is also unique in the world. With the MT6252’s superior technology and performance, MediaTek has once again set the standards toward which others in the cell phone industry must strive.

According to market studies and forecasts by consultation organization Strategy Analytics, 300 million ultra low cost mobile phones will be sold worldwide in 2013. Over one half of these will be sold in emerging markets and China and India will be primary markets driving that growth. The share of ultra low cost mobile phones in relation to overall global cell phones sales is expected to increase by 200% between 2007 and 2013.

Mr. PH Lu, Corporate Vice President of MediaTek notes that from ultra low cost single chips and 3G to smart phone solutions, MediaTek is striving to provide clients with solutions characterized by high price-to-performance and differentiation with its complete array of products and a rich product line. MT6252 is currently the only ultra low price single chip on the market that supports multimedia applications using serial flash, so handset manufactures can produce devices with the best possible sound and video performance based on MediaTek cost-effective solutions. In addition to making it easier for clients to develop products, the MT6252 is highly impressive in terms of compatibility and expandability, making it easier to change and upgrade than similar products, greatly reducing the time needed to develop new models, so products can be brought to market faster, giving them a competitive edge.

The serial flash-supporting MT6252 offers mobile phone manufacturers tremendous cost benefit as it reduces the number of passive elements used, decreases the size of circuit boards by 20%, and greatly cuts BOM costs. One of its impressive features is the fact that it supports pulse chargers with up to 10V, which is crucial to manufacturers that export to emerging markets.

The MT6252 is an ultra low cost single chip, but MediaTek didn’t lower its standards for hardware specs or performance. As a result of its “Quality Product Program,” a program that the company has been promoting for years, much of MediaTek’s hardware and performance of its solutions are recognized as being world class. MediaTek MT6252 ultra low cost single chip, for example, boasts outstanding audio and video performance and low power consumption. The MT6252 uses an ARM7EJ kernel with a processing speed of 104 MHz. The MP4 CIF plays videos at up to 30fps for smooth visuals. The MT6252 also supports a number of wireless connection specs; including FM radio, Bluetooth, and quad band GPRS. End products equipped with the MT6252 are expected to hit the market at the end of this month.


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